Commercial Office Cleaning in Reno

Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Reno

For commercial properties with offices, board rooms, waiting rooms, and cubicles, choose a janitorial service that is known in the community for excellence. Wow Cleaning Service is Reno’s number one office cleaning service for both quality and affordability.

Wow Cleaning Service makes use of all-natural cleaning products and several techniques to clean and maintain a clean office environment. Since the beginning of time, offices have been provided with janitorial services to maintain a hygienic and clean environment. During the day, the staff of the office is given the task of cleaning the office, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings. At night, cleaning workers are the ones who ensure that the office remains orderly and that the environment is as clean as possible.

Office Space Cleaning

Many employers and building owners do not realize the importance of keeping their offices clean until they are faced with a situation where they are left with no choice but to perform a regular cleaning routine. This can cause you to spend much more than you would have if you had hired an outside service provider. When you hire Wow Cleaning Service, we will do all the cleaning for you, during the most efficient times for your business.

When you choose Wow Cleaning Service to handle all your office cleaning, you can choose certain times and days of the week that you wish to have us clean your office. By choosing our expert cleaning team you will be saving yourself the time of having to organize things yourself.

Both light-duty and heavy-duty, we earn your trust by providing cleanliness standards unlike any other in the Reno area.

Break Room Cleaning

We understand that the company lounge area is usually cleaned by the employees themselves. But visit yours and see if it’s really clean… or sanitary for that matter. Chances are your company break room or rest area is riddled with germs and bacteria that aren’t removed by simply sweeping or taking out the trash.

Our cleaning services for offices can include disinfecting and cleaning lounge areas with couches, vending machines, and tables that are typically left forgotten.

Waiting Rooms

Should your office building have waiting rooms, these are typically included in a cleaning contract with Wow Cleaning Service. However, we want to make sure it’s clear how serious we take waiting room cleaning.

Germs and bacteria live in waiting rooms, most specifically in doctors’ offices. Even other standard types of waiting rooms such as management offices, therapy offices, probation offices, and governmental offices see a high level of traffic and unsanitary use. We are very careful to always disinfect and sterilize chairs, tables, magazine racks, toys, countertops, windowsills, doors, and even pens when cleaning a waiting room. It’s your health that’s at risk and we refuse to be the cause of an illness.

During and after the COVID-19 pandemic that swept across our globe, everyone became more aware of cleanliness and disinfecting. Although we, as a cleaning service, were already practicing the highest level of cleanliness, it’s no surprise that even we have stepped up our game to place greater focus on high-trafficked and high-touched areas

Free Estimate

We will always be happy to provide a free estimate for office janitorial and cleaning services. No matter the size of the office building or the amount of daily traffic, we are equipped to clean the heaviest and lightest of areas in your commercial property.