Disinfectant Services in Reno

Disinfectant and Cleaning Services in RenoIs your home or business in need of a deep cleaning, disinfectant,  and sanitizing service? Give Wow Cleaning Service in Reno a call for all of your Home Disinfecting needs. Our professional crew can have your home cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized in no time for a reasonable price.

There are a variety of scenarios that can bring dust mites, airborne allergens, harmful bacteria and other microbes in the home, where they settle in carpets, upholstery, bedding and even hard surfaces. In these cases, you need our professionally trained remediation technicians that can provide the highest level of clean and sanitary!

Reno Disinfectant and Sanitizing Professional Cleaners

Don’t take any chances with the safety of your family. Contact our professional Disinfectant cleaning services, we use the best products in the business. Your family’s safety is our number one priority when we come to disinfect your home in Reno!

Commercial Sterilization Services in Reno

It is important to remember that good business hygiene should go beyond the office and into the commercial areas as well. If you have a commercial unit, then it is a part of your property and the chances of contamination are very high. Of course, everyone who works for a company will be at some point in time in the vicinity of the product to which they are assigned to handle and you cannot guarantee that this will not happen. When this happens, it can become difficult to resume your normal life without worrying about the product that you are using and the cleanliness of it.

One of the best ways to prevent contamination is to have a standard service contract. This is where an agreed number of gallons of a certain cleaning agent will be done on a specified schedule and will not cause contamination. The agreed number of hours can be determined by the company, so you do not have to worry about trying to work with a schedule that is not flexible. Another great advantage of having this type of contract is that you will be able to eliminate all of the guesswork that you would have to put into if you did not have one.

If you are going to be using commercial disinfectant services, then it is also wise to have a contract that deals with any damages that may occur on your property. If your area is not capable of handling the clean up after the company has done its job, you will not be able to get reimbursement for your losses. You will also be able to avoid any type of repair work that you will need to do.